for the way

we work.

Almond Butter


Pumpkin Seed

Almond Butter

Mixed Berry


Nut Butter



Three unique flavors deliciously and

thoughtfully prepared to help keep you in the zone.

You know what it takes to make your mark at work. Smartphone, earbuds, laptop, ambition.

Shouldn’t your snack be just as essential?

With a schedule like yours, you know there won’t be much of a break. ARC Kitchen has created a variety of snack options to keep you on pace.


Success doesn’t come easy.

That’s why you work so hard.

Being ready for that next

challenge means you need

to stay in the zone.

The next opportunity could be the big one. ARC Kitchen has created Oat & Nut Butter Bites to help you tackle it. Three delicious options that go-anywhere you go. These bite-sized snacks are in a resealable container and are small enough to be right there with you, wherever your day takes you. Enjoy those few minutes of deliciousness as you contemplate your next move. Now you’re ready, get back at it!



We celebrate the trailblazers with tireless drive and the multi-taskers making their mark. We know that many workplaces are food deserts, so we’re passionate about creating change.